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2020 Fashion Looks popular this year

February 12, 2020 2 min read

As Fashion week draws in closer, here are some hot new looks that you must have this year! From different patchworks to wild dark tie-dye, we will have you looking your best with all the latest trends of the season.

Tech Body Cross bags  

Remember in the ’80s when fanny packs were your best friend! Introducing your new best bud! The Body cross bag is back! YES!!! This crossbody is the new hit look for the season. The fashionable mini can be worn by both men and women! This perfect bag that can carry all your loose cash and you’re overused Capstick in a fashionable yet useful bag!

The Cuban Shirt

Ahh! This is one of the most loved looks of the season yet! Resembling a tough male mafian, this look welcomes spring and summer! You'll see many men rocking this look as we draw closer into summer!  


The 70s Flare Out!

The 70s are back in a big way this year! Especially in men’s fashion! You will see a wider leg being put out on the store shelves this year. Paired with a slim fit top, its the perfect go-to casual look for spring 2020. You can even pair this look with some stylish boots to add an extra edge to your ensemble 

Over the knee 

Archive the ultimate casual look to keep you looking fresh in the summer! This is a great way to keep you mostly covered from the sun, and still appropriate for the warmer season. The long male shorts are a key look for male streetwear style in 2020. 

High Waited Trousers 

This year you’ll see a lot of timeless pieces hit the market. One of them being high waisted pants for males. This classic look is so sophisticated and elegant for men, really elevating any look! 

The Relaxed Sweatsuit/Tracksuit

Feeling lazy! That’s okay! You can stay in your sweatsuit or tracksuit all day and still look fashionable. This year you’ll see a lot of millennials wear a monochromatic colored suit that is easy and effortless to wear in any season. 


Shield Sunnies

One of the first people to ever rock this look is the famous lady gaga! The shield sunglasses that cover most of your face! This high fashion look can be rocked by just about anyone! The trendy look, not only protects you from the harmful rays of the sun but also keeps you looking cool. 


Double Strap Sandals

Keeping it easy and casual by wearing the double strap sandal! Whether you live on the beach or not these casual sandals are trending big time this season.


Patchworks and Patterns

Make this year loud! By wearing crazing prints from Versace-Esque to plain plaid you will definitely be the exciting guy in the room! 


Oversized hoodies 

Before the winter season ends be sure to get your oversized hoodie this year. This is classic casual wear that definitely never goes out of style. The easy streetwear hoodie that keeps you looking fresh all season long. 


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