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The History of Techwear

September 27, 2019 3 min read

The History of Techwear 

Although it is unclear where tech where began this fascinating ongoing trend is obviously more than just looks. it’s an inspiration in the way it makes people feel when they dress this great trend. It can be intimidating to understand but a good place to start is the term itself. What is Techwear? Techwear clothing is not only for everyday life but it provides special fabric constructed with properties that allow premium movement, breathability and water-resistant. The main appeal of forward-thinking clothing is the provided utility and comfort.

The Greater Purpose

 Techwear makes life easier whether it’s being able to carry more stuff on a long road trip or to stay dry when it’s pouring rain. The main advantages Techwear clothing provides are water repellency everybody hates getting caught up in the rain. It’s a great plus that tech wear offers not only a practical solution but also a stylish fashion. While most pants and garments are cut to a standard pattern, tech where fashion challenges most designs due to futuristic design and patterns that specialize for optimal comfort for all-day movement and breathe-ability. For example, most tech wear joggers are loosely fitted that way you can run errands all day and feel comfy while staying busy. This allows people who wear Techwear fashion to feel free. With fabric that is built for more than just fashion but with technological Purpose as well.

Fashion and Utility 

Nowadays we often carry multiple devices. For women they carry purses but for men, they are now seen wearingchest packs Fannypack’s and techy wallets to help maximize storage. Whether it’s through a simple design with an extra added zipper that has a pocket or two. Techwear specializes in optimum storage that way you can worry less about misplacing your items. Techwear is not only practical for storage but it’s fashionable. By wearing a techy chest pack it often makes one feel empowered and in control of their day. Today Techwear fashion is inspiring millennials throughout the whole nation with this fashion-forward look. It’s not only inspiring people but allowing people to step out of their fashion comfort zone. 

How To Wear The Trend

To Rock this Fashion-forward Trend you will need a couple of key items!

The first key item is your favorites pair of black joggers. You can’t go wrong by owning a pair of black joggers,they essentially go with absolutely anything. Black joggers are tech wear go-to because they are comfy and soft. Some may say they are a cross between sweatpants and actual pants.  Joggers are a bit more formal and you can wear them on any occasion. 

With this fashion-forward trend,  pairing any plain black graphic T-shirt is a simple way to complete the look.  By wearing black on black, it adds a sleek Monochromatic feel. If you’re looking for a perfect T-shirt! A favorite go-to is “Kiita” men’s graphic t-shirtfrom Raikago! It’s super inexpensive and perfect for any daily tech wear look.

To Complete The Look

Now to complete any tech wear outfit having the perfect shoes and layering accessories is key. I love the latest sock shoes because they are sleek and so comfortable. They feel like you’re walking on air. If you haven’t already purchasedsock shoes you must try them. If you really wanna take the tech wear look to the next level.  layering on accessories is the way to go! Chest packs and belt buckles are a definite tech wear must-have! Not only are they perfect for extra added storage but it gives the completed look an edgy feel. So if your willing to try something new, Techwear is something anyone can pull of this season. Give these tips a try and expand your fashion wardrobe.

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