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New Techwear Collection!

September 16, 2019 2 min read

Introducing Our New Techwear Collection!

This new futuristic trend is all about dressing in the newest utility fashion yet! Techwear fashion is essentially all about providing comfort and utility. Techwear fashion is clothing for everyday life. Specializing in constructing fabric for breathability, movement, and water-resistance. Techwear makes life easier, adds the ability to put your clothing to use when you have extra things to carry or staying dry when its pouring rain. One of the main advantages of wearing Techwear is that it provides water repellency. Some people hate getting caught up in the rain. Due to new fabric technology in Techwear, no one has to get drenched. While some jeans are tight and restricting. Techwear joggers are loose-fitting and move with you! Many people like this added factor because it makes them feel free and more comfortable.


Techwear & Utility 

Today we often carry more than what we can. Our phone, wallet, loose change, and even chapstick. Teachwear clothing provides capacity for carrying extra space. Whether it's from a zipper or an extra pocket design techwear items are often considered with great storage supplies. Bags and backpacks are often beneficial for inner pockets and compartments,so you can carry your laptop or school books. Not only does Techwear provide utility but it also provides excellent fashion!

Get The Essential Items 

To shop for the Techwear trend you will need some key items! The most essential item of Techwear is a good jacket! Whether it's a nice weatherproof jacket or just a simple windbreaker as long as its black you have aced the Techwear look. To add to the tactical ensemble, it's important that you find some comfy activewear pants! Whether it's joggers or sweatpants as long as it provides a good about of mobility your all set!

Modern Shoes

There’s no better way to complete an outfit when it comes to shoes. Lately, ‘sock shoes’ have been a favorite in Techwear clothing. With its sleek and all-day comfort, you can't go wrong with the form-fitting shoes. This modern sock look is trending with Techwear it light and airy, some say it almost feels like your not even wearing shoes. Another shoe that trending is ‘chunky shoes’ these boxy shoes are a new modern design that almost looks like your wearing a square. many celebrities are seen wearing these styles of shoes and are increasingly gaining popularity.

Layer On The Accessories 

What almost better than shoes! Accessories! A definite must-have for the Techwear trend! You cant complete the look without the essential accessories! You will need any tactical vest and facemask or even gloves. Not only do these accessories make you look “Cool” they add utility use. Wearing Techwear accessories brings the look completely together. You can shop all of your favorite Techwear items in our new collection only at Raikago. Definitely be the first to try this new rising trend this season.

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