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Streetwear 2020

March 26, 2020 3 min read

What is streetwear

Streetwear fashion is a form of casual clothing that became mainstream in the late 1980s today streetwear is a combination of different pop culture from all over the world that incorporates leisure and sportswear clothing. Streetwear fashion started to vastly grow from the west coast, mainly Inspired by skateboarding styles and eventually adding more elements of sportswear, hip hop fashion and a mix of Japanese and Chinese fusion. 

Streetwear fashion is highly influenced today with celebrities and pop culture. It is used as an outlet of expression for youth. Today millennial's use streetwear fashion not only to stay trendy but to fully engulf themselves self in an artistic manner. 


Brief History of Streetwear

It all started in the late 80s when surfer Shawn Stussy was one of the first major influencers of streetwear. He was just a simple surfer and happened to have an idea of creating his own shirt with his board logo on it.

He initially started the business because it was a great money maker. He would sell one of his hand made boards and his printed shirts in the back of his car. Since then major influencers like Shawn Stussy was one of the first to introduce streetwear to millennials in a new way.

Streetwear clothing today is one of the most sought after luxury styles. Most streetwear pieces are customized and handcrafted. This makes each piece uniquely made, which creates high demand. 

A piece can go well over $500. Stussy was a key pioneer for every single streetwear brand we know to date. Stussy understood the high demand for this hot new look and having a unique design was key for success.continuing on to the 90s, this was when streetwear was really flourishing.

The music of the 90s started to coincide with one another. The music scene allows hip hop, pop culture to express themselves through this new “carefree” look. Unforgettable pieces like “Harlem Pants” or white sneakers paired a baggy white shirt was a go-to look.  When pop culture would mix any streetwear brand with celebrity faces, it would become an overnight success and essential to everyone.


Types of Streetwear

  • Japanese streetwear 
  • Japanese streetwear fashion is a fusion of traditional and modern wear. The look is very popular in the city of Tokyo. You will see many millennials of japan sporting this look. 

    - Urban streetwear Fashion 

    Urban fashion is a type of wear that typically grows from music or sport into a full cultural brand that could spread to any country.  For the most part, urban fashion is fly influenced by city fashion/culture.


  • Luxury Streetwear 
  • Luxury fashion has grown in demand over the last few years. Name brands like vans, supreme, Luis Vitton, Gucci, and other well-known brands have all added streetwear their line. 


  • Leisure Streetwear  
  • Leisurewear is another increasingly growing type of streetwear. Leisurewear includes sportswear, sweatshirts, hoodies, and baggy pants. Comfortable clothes are perfect ideal leisurewear. 


    New Trends in 2020

    There are many new upcoming trends to look forward to in 2020. Here is a list of top five trends to look out for this year!

    •  Crossbody bags 
    • Prints and patterned shirts 
    • Mating tracksuits 
    • Oversized sunglasses 
    • Slide Sandles 


    Famous Streetwear Brands

    As Streetwear is increasingly growing in the past year here is a list of popular brands you must check out! 

    • Patta (Urban Fashion Streetwear)
    • Supreme (Streetwear)
    • Stussy (Leisure Streetwear)
    • Off White (Streetwear)
    • Nike (Sport/leisure streetwear)

    About Raikago

    Raikago is a new and upcoming streetwear brand that focuses on exotic pieces that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Their primary mission is to deliver quality fashion but yet affordable. Streetwear fashion can definitely get expensive but raikago makes it affordable for everyone to purchase. 



    As streetwear continues to rapidly grow in popularity be sure to try the upcoming fashion trends in 2020. Streetwear fashion is a trend that can be worn by anyone and its very easy to pull off. Shop all your favorite streetwear look during this hot season! 


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