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Techwear Vs Streetwear

September 05, 2019 2 min read

Tech Wear VS. Streetwear

Techwear is a new and increasingly growing fashion trend that emerged a year or two ago. It includes dressing in modern clothing items that include heat insulation, breathability,water-resistance, and any other additional accessory storage.  Tech wear is more than just the mesh tees and cozy jackets with extra pockets. Techwear was inspired by Japanese cartoon ninjas that lurk in the night, or at least that what I would like to believe. So why is it trending? Tech wear is now growing popularity worldwide to a range of individuals such as security forces, athletes, and even nerdy cosplayers. Techwear is how I would belive people would dress in the future, Sleek, formfitting and mysterious. Techwear fashion is usually monochromatic layered with a jacket paired with a nifty chest pack and of course sleek black high tops. Techeach wear is seen as something different from the norm, its empowering and enticing to the unfamiliar.


Here an example of a women's Techwear outfit.

High waisted joggers and black combat boots paired with a sports bra layered with a black jacket. This outfit is a casual way of incorporating tech wear fashion into your daily wardrobe.

Shop the completed look:


Here an example of how to incorporate men's tech wear in your daily wardrobe. Here we have our favorite "PANSĀ" Joggers paired with our "KONEKO" Hoodie. You can pair any shoes with this outfit but to keep it matching black shoes are the best!

Shop the completed look:




What's the difference between streetwear and tech wear?

Streetwear fashion is similar to tech wear although tech wear is often worn in all black or dark shads of colors while incorporating different types of accessories. Techwear is more elaborate and includes more accessories then streetwear clothing. Most would say that tech wear is often a more dramatic version of streetwear. Streetwear has been around since the 1990s and has since evolved into more modern looks since then. The classic streetwear look involves oversizes graphic t-shirts and jogger pants with sleek new kicks. 


Check out these Pictures for classic streetwear:

Streetwear is typically worn as leisurewear. Here you can see we prepared our KONSHŌ" Joggers with a graphic design shirt and our fan-favorite  "KIRĀ" Sneakers. 

Shop the completed look:





So now you know the difference between Tech wear and Streetwear! Tech wear is more dark and edgy and streetwear is more casual and carefree. You can now incorporate these latest fashion trends into your daily wardrobe.  

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