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Top 5 Sukajan Jackets

October 02, 2019 2 min read

Top 5 Sukajan Jackets

Japanese culture is so beautiful its unique and definitely a type of fashion that gets heads to turn. Specifically Sukajan jackets, they are colorful jackets with embroidered designs on the back with a short collar. Most often charters from Japanese manga or anime are seen wearing these sukajan jackets.

Sukajan Embroidery 

Sukajan jackets can often symbolism of creativity and strength.Often times these amazing jackets will feature hand-sewn embroidery that adds extra detail to the bomber jacket. These jackets are also called Souvenir jacket because the embroidery patches were originally created for soldiers to bring home after the war. They would use these patches as souvenirs. These beautifully handcrafted jackets have been seen countless times on fashion runways or even famous films. Due to recent popularity, most high-end brands recreate these authentic Sukajan jackets. Popular Celebrities and Instagram influencers are seen wearing these bright colored bombers this fall season. So before the season over here are the top 5 Sukajan bombers that you should definitely try this season. 


  1. Authentic Sukajan Bomber Jacket

This classic authentic Japanese bomber is simplistic and unique. The sleek material makes this jacket defiant top choice for fall. You can shopSukajan Bomber Souvenir Jacket only at

2.Matte Black Embroidery 

There's something special about wearing matte black, it's sophisticated and well-fashioned. Wearing matte black as a jacket piece can give an expensive feel. That's why our second choice is wearing a matte“Phoenix” bomber.

3.Leathered Sukajan Jacket 

Wearing anything leather can be a symbolism of rebellion. In the late 1960s wearing leather to school would often be associated with youth rebellion. “bad boys” Today leather is still associated with the rebellious high fashion look. Wearing a leather bomber jacket this season will most definitely crisp up your wardrobe. You can shop this"RYŪ" leather jacket for 35% percent off today in our bomber jacket collection.


4.Double-sided Bomber 

What's better than having one jacket two jackets! One thing that everyone loves about Japanese fashion is most designers are so creative. Some Sukajan Jackets are double-sidedmeaning that you can flip the jacket inside out and have a different jacket. These jackets are very common these days because of the versatility that they offer.

5.Japanese Koi Fish Sukajan Jackets 

Last but not least, our Koi Fish Sukujan jacket. In Japanese culture, the koi fish can symbolize a multitude of things. Although the koi fish is often associated with Japanese culture as good luck, many designers will often put koi fish on clothing. koi fish is embroidery is handcrafted and very trendy this season. So be sure to try out Japanese Sukajan Souvenir jackets this season long. You can shop all Bomber Jackets at Raikago streetwear this fall season.

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