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What Are Kimonos?

October 04, 2019 3 min read

What are kimonos?

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. The word kimono literally means ki+ mono in Japanese Ki means wear and mono mean “thing”. The single fashion item is historically significant and authentically fascinating. Symbolizing the elegance of Japanese culture and design. Traditional kimonos come in a variety of styles and different shapes and sizes.

What do they symbolize?

Kimonos are valued for their symbolism and the representation they bring to Japanese culture. It is believed for thousands of years when one is wearing a kimono it symbolizes longevity and good fortune. Young women wear kimonos on special occasions, festivals or even weddings. Different types of patterns and symbols and designs on the kimono can communicate social status even personality and treats. The virtues of different types of patterns and symbols on the come kimonos are quite popular. The most well-known designs include nature-inspired patterns like leaves, blossoms, and birds mainly cranes because of their elegance. Different types of colors also can hold symbolic significance. The pigments used to often achieve certain colors often represent the spirit of plants from which they extracted the color. Traditional kimonos are Handmade from various fabrics traditionally the fabrics use to create the traditional kimono includes linen silk and hemp. Today materials like Ryon, cotton, and polyester are used now. During the Heian time period (794-1192) AD, A much easier prototype of the kimono emerged in Japan much like The current day kimono. It was composed of straight cuts of fabric it was intended to fit all body types and all social statuses.

Kimonos Today

Today the kimono has been re-interpreted into many different ways.  Designers have made the kimono both wearable for everyday use or traditional use. Here is 5 top everyday wear kimonos. 

Top 5 Kimonos 

  1. Cherry Dragon 

is a perfect girly kimono that comfy and cute. Any girl can wear this trendy kimono. It's black and comes with a loose comfy fit. You can pair this with comfy jeans and any top. 

2. “ Rirakkusu” Kimono 

This trendy kimono is specially made for men. It's loose-fitting and has a hippy boho feel. It also comes in a loose relaxed fit. You can find this kimono in an off white color or even dark black color. This “Riakkusu” kimono can be worn casually with a nice pair of jeans or Bermuda shorts.


3. Karra Kimono 

This Urban kimono definitely has a modern feel to it. It's dark and has strapped pockets. This masculine over sized kimono is perfect for any male who wants a relaxed fit. This loose-fitting cover-up is definitely a one of a kind item.


4. "Nami"

This Black and white kimono is super trendy for young girls, “Nami” comes in a one size fits all. This oversized kimono is perfect for casual wear. You can throw this kimono undershorts and a crop top. Just like the image above. 

5. Long Kimono

Like traditional kimonos, they are long and usually down to the ankle. Although now designers have made kimonos more wearable by shortening the length. This mid-length kimono can be used as a cover-up. You can pair it over a dress or shorts. Kimonos are a great fashion item that can be used for everyday wear for both males and females. They are a key fashion statement in Japanese culture that vastly going world wide.


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