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What is Streetwear Fashion?

July 22, 2019 2 min read

Let's start off by asking a simple question. 

What is Streetwear fashion? 

Streetwear fashion is a form of casual clothing which became mainstream in the late 1980s. 

Streetwear fashion started to grow from the west coast, Inspired by skateboarding surfer styles and eventually encompassing elements of sportswear, hip hop fashion and a mix of Japanese and Chinese fusion. 

Streetwear fashion is highly influenced today with celebrities and pop culture. It is used as an outlet of expression and freedom of speech. Today millennial's use streetwear fashion not only to stay trendy but to fully express one's self in an artistic manner. 


How it started

It all started in the late 80s when surfer Shawn Stussy was just a simple surfer and had an idea of creating his own shirt with his board logo on it. He initially started the business because it was a great money maker. He would sell one of his hand made boards and his printed shirts privately in the back of his car. Since then Stussy was one of the first to introduce streetwear in a new way. Streetwear clothing today is one of the most idolizes and luxury styles known. Most streetwear pieces are customized and uniquely made which creates a high demand, a specific piece can go well over $500. Stussy was a key pioneer for every single streetwear brand we know to date. Stussy understood the high demand for this hot new look and having a unique design was key for success.

Shawn Stussy was one of the first of many to start manufacturing streetwear tees. continuing on to the 90s, this was when streetwear was really flourishing. The music of the 90s started to coincide with one another. The music scene allows hip hop pop culture to express themselves through this new “carefree” look.

Clothes like Harlem pant and white sneakers with a baggy white shirt was a go-to look.  When pop culture would mix any streetwear brand with celebrity faces, it would become an immediate success and essential to everyone. This is why major streetwear brands would find celebrities to promote their clothing line. 

Streetwear Today

In today's era streetwear has morphed into a new age blend, luxury streetwear brand like Nike, Adidas, Supreme,Vetements, Stüssy, Yezzy and much much more. All inspired by pop culture music and especially art.

These streetwear brands are essential to self-expression. A lot of streetwear brands pride themselves in providing a unique piece, that only they can manufacture, something you can not get anywhere else. The ability to express your personality and identity from aside everyone else.

Today streetwear is a worldwide trend that is recognized and accepted not only in the United States but also by Asian cultures as well. For example in Beijing China, they have their own luxury streetwear brands,Guochao Pinpai, Li NingandHi Panda are all mainstream luxury streetwear fashion. All inspired by The United States pop culture.

Today we can see what a great deal of influence the media and pop culture has on us.

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