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Cyberpunk 2077

Februar 27, 2020 2 min read

Cyberpunk 2077

Maybe you do or you don’t follow the new releases of popular video games, regardless the new cyberpunk 2077 plays a big part in teacher fashion. The new release of the futuristic video game features a new world of cyborgs and a glimpse of a whole new world. The plot takes place in a bright night city and follows the story of v, who is described as “a hired gun on the rise in the night city”. The character is sure to face some formidable foes along the way. The location of this estranged city is classified. “The most violent and dangerous metropolis of the corporate ruled future”. Players will be able to create their own cyberpunk that will allow for the selection of V’s gender, outwear appearance, class and even historical background. Cyberpunk 2077 is specially designed for the player’s decision to shape the game 

Techwear in cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk trailers and snippets of the game has inspired techwear gurus! The recent spike of techwear is rapidly growing in popularity. Cyberpunk 2077 has a bright futuristic style and all of the characters have some enticing tech gear. You'll see players sporting a bulletproof vest, face mask, tech belts staps and much more. This fashion-forward punk style is tough and edge, you’ll want to dive right into the game!

Shop all things cyberpunk 

To shop the techwear/cyberpunk look you’ll need a few tips and tricks below you can find some easy and simple ways to dress like your favorite cyberpunk player.

  • The perfect joggers

In the game, you will see female and male players dressed in dark or grey strappy joggers. The straps add a more edgy effect that makes the pants look futuristic. Throughout the game, you will see males wear loose-fitting joggers as they are perfect for tactical purposes.

  • Accessories
Pack on the accessories if you want the cyberpunk look! These players have layered accessories. Many of the players are seen wearing belt buckles and bulletproof vests that add to the cyber look. 


  • Head Gear

If you want to take your cyber/techwear look to the next level then you definitely want to shop some awesome headgear. Cyberpunks are often spotted wearing a mask or a helmet to protect them from dangerous combats. There are some masks that are made out of cloth or durable plastic. You can even shop an LED mask that glows in that dark.

  • Techwear Shoes

  • Tech shoes are usually thick and made out of the best material. They are specially made for heavy-duty activities. Most techwear shoes you can find are ankle-high and support your whole foot.

  • Tactical Coats 

  • Tactical coats are so important they usually have multi-pockets and additional zippers/straps.  Some may be long and flowy and others may be short with pockets. There are many jackets that can be a great addition to your techwear wardrobe.

     Techwear continues to be a growing trend this year. The edgy yet powerful look is growing worldwide in popularity. If you haven't already tried the techwear trend this year, we encourage you to do so! Shop all your favorite streetwear and techwear items only at RAIKAGO. 

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