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Techwear 2020

Januar 08, 2020 2 min read

Techwear Fashion 2020

Techwear is the new hit look for the season, this year sharpen up your fashion sense with a new look. Freshen up your look with something futuristic. 


What is Techwear? Techwear is a mixture of leisure sportswear that’s built for comfort but has a futuristic style. 

Here are some modern looks for this new year!


Techwear can be easy for anyone to pull off!

You can dressin various accessories and styles. Or you can keep it simple and just wear one color! Techwear represents a new sleek look that can easily be put together. 

Black is a dark mysterious color that represents empowerment and strength something that very significant in the techwear fashion. Techwear fashion also is highly influenced by Japanese culture, the sleek mysterious all-black ninja once seen out of a coming book. 

Layering Jackets and Sportswear 

The Techwear fashion is known for layering on the accessories the more accessories the better!

By adding a sleek jacket or even a vest underneath can complete an outfit. Techwear is all about being casual this year. Tightly fitted sportswear is a big thing this 2020.


Techwear accessories are big trendsetters, such as a vest, face masks, and even belt buckles. Black chunks shoes are also a new favorite look, they are often paired with black strappy joggers. 

Some definite most haves this season are the "Mission" and the "Chunky Techwear shoes"

Women Techwear 

Techwear fashion for women is fears it powerful and expressive in many different ways. The style gives any woman the confidence she needs to conquer the day to day activities. 

Techwear fashion for women is not only portraying self-confidence but it different. when a girl wears fierce fashion it stands out from a crowd.

Techwear is for everyone 

It definitely doesn't matter who you are, whether you a male or female Techwear fashion can be for anyone.

It's so versatile you can dress casual or dress it up with all the tech accessories! so there are a few ideas for your fashion wardrobe this year in 2020. 

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