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Tips For Holiday Shopping

Dezember 06, 2019 2 min read

Tips for holiday shopping 

Holiday shopping can sometimes be a mess. Weather in involves camping in a store parking lot for last minute black Friday deals or fighting other parents for a hot deal on a toy your kid wanted. Either way holiday shopping can be a mess. So here are some tips and tricks that can help you save time and money this holiday season. 

  • Don't procrastinate 
  • It can be hard to just do things sometimes but it’s ten times worse when you wait till the very last minute. Plan ahead and start early. 

  • Save time by shopping online
  • Avoid the crowds and brows all you want Online! Sometimes there are even better deals online then in stores. You can even use coupons and promo codes online to save even more. 

  • Cyber Monday Vs. Black Friday 
  • Everything nowadays is online. You can find everything you need online and sometimes it's cheaper. Online stores will also have discounted prices around this time of year. Sometimes it's just easier shopping online rather than in stores.

  • Tracking prices down 
  • If your a big online shopper you know that online stores change their prices quite often. You can set up a tracker that can help you find the lowest price of the season. Websites like Camelcamel and Thetracktor can help you track when your favorite item is at its lowest. 

  • Coupons and Promo Codes 
  • Just like in stores you can use promo codes and coupons to save a buck. You can download honey which auto adds any promo code or coupon to your cart at checkout. 

  • Avoid a credit card transaction  
  • The holiday season is when most people will go into debt without realizing it. Sometimes we use a credit card and then forget to pay it off. Or even worse we miss calculate what we spent and are unable to pay it off. 

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